Aubrey Brown

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Areas of specialty: Mixed media, illustration, imaginative realism, figure drawing, nature

Aubrey studied with Myron at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania for nine years. He then studied another four years at PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) where he completed their certificate program, majoring in illustration. In November 2018, Aubrey attended an intensive art business workshop in Nashville called The Fantastic Workshop," run by the creators of the "One Fantastic Week" webcast.

Currently he’s a full-time artist, supporting himself with a mix of private commissions, online sales, fairs and conventions. He’s also preparing an illustration portfolio to initiate freelance work in the publishing industry, focusing primarily on books, card games and board games.

Artist Statement

Imagine a wild forest untouched by modern technology, where the faeries and the old gods walk. That's where my spirit dwells, and what my artwork often depicts. I'm a Philadelphia-based imaginative artist, creating pictures that explore the magical and mystical qualities of nature and the myths and legends rooted in it. I seek out strange beauty and the ways in which the fantastical helps to make sense of reality, rather than simply providing an escape from it.



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