Complete Video Series Box Set

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This complete box set includes the entire video series from Myron Barnstone.

1. Introduction to Drawing Systems - 6 DVDs

To further enhance your learning experience, purchase the accompanying workbook: Introduction to Drawing & Design

2. Palette Control & Color Theory - 5 DVDs

3. Introduction to Figure Drawing - 1 DVD

FREE Golden Section - Unlocking the Secrets of Design - 1 DVD

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Written by Frank Pirozzu

A very enlightening and important education...

There is definitely more going on behind the scenes with good art than I imagined. In all my years, I have not seen anyone, except for Myron, give you the insight on how these masterpieces are constructed. A very enlightening and important education for artists and art lovers.

Written by James Cowman

My experience with Myron and the Barnstone Studios has been excellent.

Myron's DVDs are priceless with the amount of information and insight they provide. I have searched endlessly looking for information on design and the golden section with very little luck. Four years ago I stumbled upon his website and ordered the 5 disc DVD "introduction to drawing systems" and have been forever grateful. I have learned more in one year from Myron then I have in 30 years on my own. You won't be disappointed in any of these DVDs and online courses. They are all exceptional.

Written by David Moore

My experience with Barnstone Studios has been great.

I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great. Thanks for all the great work!