“At 80, I continue to consider myself a student! I credit Myron Barnstone for this amazing lifelong learning approach. To this day, I still re-read his words, review his CDs and, in my head, I listen to his voice as I work. Myron, and the Barnstone Method, are still very much involved in my studio work every day.” ~Sydney McGinley, award-winning pastel artist and Barnstone alumna

Learn how to draw very well – be a better designer – gain graduate-level training and instruction, conveyed at your own pace, with expert help from Master Guides when you need it! The Barnstone Method offers you all this and more.

Elements of the Barnstone Method core training system include:

  • Lecture Set: Introduction to Drawing Systems - Comprised of 10 lessons, this set is the most comprehensive drawing & design course available anywhere. 
  • Single Lecture: The Golden Section - Unlocking the Secrets of Design – Often referred to as art’s greatest mystery and integral to the work of masters throughout history, the Golden Section discussion is offered here as a stand-alone lecture and is best viewed immediately after the Introduction to Drawing Systems set of lectures.
  • Single Lecture: Introduction to Figure Drawing – This lecture is an overview of the drawing devices, conventions, and the systems employed by master artists to construct drawings of the human figure. It is ideally viewed after both the Introduction to Drawing Systems set of lectures and the Golden Section lecture.
  • Lecture Set: Palette Control & Color Theory – Through a series of 7 lectures & assignments, the Fletcher Color Control system is examined and applied to exercises.

Students are strongly encouraged to start with Drawing Lesson 1 and proceed through the material in order, as Myron Barnstone builds upon each previous lesson. Included in the lectures are projects to reinforce all concepts and best practices, with a critique of the assignments in the following video.

The Barnstone Method Lectures are made available to you in three ways: 

Please review the packages, individual lectures and/or delivery details within each section to select the ideal educational experience for your needs.