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Areas of specialty: Drawing, painting, use of color, rendering, stylization, composition, media and techniques and illustration.

Don Rogers had already earned his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and served as a professor and chair of the Illustration Department at SCAD, when he learned about Myron, and Barnstone Studios.  He spent the summer of 2000 taking five courses from Myron: Drawing I, Figure Drawing I & II, Oil Painting, and Portrait.

Don then returned to Savannah to resume his professorship of Illustration at SCAD, and freelance illustration work on projects for clients like United Airlines, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, British Airways, Anheuser-Busch, Six Flags, and GTE.

His time studying with Myron, says Don, shifted how he approached his own work, and how he taught.  Now that he’s recently retired, Don said, he has time to offer help to serious students who are searching for the real art training seemingly lost for many years.  He’s eager to put his 30 years of teaching both undergraduate and graduate students to work for people studying The Barnstone Method courses.

“Myron opened up a whole new art world and gave me a fresh start in art and teaching,” Don said.  “I felt that he was a mentor. I personally wanted to know about the Golden Section after reading through Painter’s Secret Geometry. Of course I had no idea that such information was part of art education.  For instance, my work at that time was rendered to achieve realism but had no idea that Da Vinci and Seurat could teach one so much regarding creating the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D surface. I still recall all the concepts: Rembrandt lighting, passage, zones, aerial perspective, vignette, key note of
value contrast, figure-ground.”

“I enjoy helping students work through these concepts, apply them to their own work, and gain a comfortable understanding,” Don said.  “Helping a student arrive at that ‘ah-ha’ moment is a special gift.”

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