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Please note: The DVD available for purchase is of a special lecture at Barnstone Studios. It is designed as a follow-up to the Introduction to Drawing Systems and is not intended as stand alone instruction.  The production is unscripted and unedited. The video quality reflects the nature of a live presentation.

The Golden Section is art’s greatest mystery. Often referenced but hardly understood, it was the closely guarded secret that gave birth to everything from clandestine societies like the Masons to the painting guilds that dominated the Renaissance.

Even more mysterious than its origins, are its inner workings. It is a tool that taught artists how to harness the power of the Golden Section in their own work. From Michelangelo to Picasso, great artists of the last millennium learned how the Golden Section could transform the power of their works from mere decorations to priceless treasures.

You will learn how it works, who has used it, and most importantly how to use it yourself. Over the last sixty years Myron has made it his life’s work to train people to see like artists and develop a commanding authority over the pieces they create. Whether you are an artist, a student, an architect, a designer or someone who just loves art, this program is designed to radically alter the way you see the art and leave you with a profound appreciation of the true artist.

Individual downloads and DVDs are available for convenience and affordability.
Each item is part of a lecture series and is recommended to be watched in the following order:
Drawing & Design Lectures 1-10
Golden Section Lecture
Figure Drawing Lecture
The Palette Control Color Theory Lectures 1-7.*
*If viewed separately from the Drawing & Design Lectures, follow up with the Gold Section Lecture.

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Written by Craig Barrack


I loved everything I watched. Myron is fantastic!

Written by David Moore

Thanks for all the great work!

My experience with Barnstone Studios has been great. I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great.

Written by James Cowman

The Golden Section

I found this dvd very informative. I own the 5 disc design dvd and have watched it endlessly. It's the most informative information I could find anywhere on the golden section, drawing systems and information on art in generaly. I have met Myron in the past, and i find him to be a geunine expert in the field. His knowledge goes beyond any university or onine documentation I have ever encountered. I feel grateful to come across this information. In my opinion, the cost of the dvd set is minimal considering the weath of priceless information that it contains. The only other information I have found on the golden section despite my best efforts was published in 1926 by Michel Jacobs. I litterally can't find anything else outside of Myron and his recommendations. I just find that astounding. Thank you Myron for bringing back the foundation of art and bringing it to the level it deserves. Truly appreciated.

Written by Tyler Finnigan

Golden section dvd review

I found this dvd very helpful and informative. I would recommend to anyone who is interesest in this subject matter. Thank you