Gwendolyn Stine

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Areas of Specialty: Conte Charcoal Sketching, Digital Imaging

Since childhood, Gwendolyn Stine has delighted in seeking the connectedness of all things, imagining infinite possibilities, and asking…why?  Her passion led her to a Fine Arts degree from Kutztown State College in Pennsylvania, and then three years studying with Myron Barnstone.  With her firm understanding of Dynamic Symmetry and her use of the Golden Section, the Science/Math of design is the foundation of Gwendolyn’s art, bringing her a solid expression of her understanding of creation.  Everything is related, and no thing is arbitrary.  While she tends to the technical aspects of bringing these concepts to a page, she feels it is something much greater than herself that compels her to see and capture what she does.  It is her hope to cause the viewer to pause and to touch something within them that rings true. Her charcoal drawings have garnered national awards and are held in both private and permanent collections. Website:




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