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Areas of specialty: Drawing, painting, design, sculpture, student support, mentorship, and research.

For nearly two decades, Lorie Reinhard has been helping to shape the future careers of thousands of young people in her role as Director of Visual Art at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She constructed the curriculum at Charter Arts, and along with fellow Barnstone alumnus and Charter Arts faculty Roger Brinker, hosted a Myron Barnstone exhibit at the school in the fall of 2019.

“Every artist must know how to draw,” Lorie said.  “Everyone needs a strong foundation for design.”  She herself knew that even with a degree in art education, and being an art instructor for non-credit courses at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, she needed to fill in the gaps in her artistic training.

That’s when she began what would be four years of intensive classical art training with Myron at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania.

“Myron taught us true respect for the artistic tradition,” Lorie said.  With the strong drawing skills she honed under Myron’s guidance, she went on to obtain her MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2009, with a focus on figurative painting.  Then, in 2020, she received her M.Ed. from Moravian College with a focus on curriculum and instruction.
Lorie is eager to share her teaching skills in the role of Barnstone Master Guide.  “I believe my biggest strength as an art instructor is artistic mentorship,” Lorie said.  “I am able to help students develop their work using an artistic process, the elements and principles of design, and explore the personal vision they have for their work. Another teaching strength is my ability to give thorough and empathic feedback.”
A cause for celebration, Lorie believes, is when students start to truly connect with their developing artistic vision.
“The 'Aha' moment is a special moment of learning that is sparked by a student's curiosity,” Lorie says. “I love when students make connections about issues of aesthetics and begin to add deeper meaning to their work through new understanding of design. The golden section and geometry can bring layers of meaning to a work of art.
“I've witnessed many 'aha' moments when students began to recognize how ancient, medieval, etc. artists used geometry in art. Teaching the Fletcher System of Color also led to many 'aha' moments through methodically mixing colors on the palette and developing a deeper understanding of how color works. Another interesting 'aha' moment often occurs when students begin to make connections between the art of painting and sculpture in their work.”
As a Master Guide, Lorie looks forward to passing on the disciplined skills she learned from Myron -- the same skills that have launched thousands of Barnstone Studios alumni, including her, into distinguished positions in art-related professions.


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