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Areas of Specialty: Fletcher Color, Barnstone Drawing 1 - foundation skills, golden section as a design tool, small studio application and daily use of Barnstone tools and methods.

Sarah has a unique perspective to help students studying Myron’s recorded classes.  Because she was a full-time corporate professional when she first discovered the Barnstone Method, she began working with the videos at home, and would travel to Barnstone Studios to study directly with Myron for a week at a time every few months.

After several years as a long-distance independent Barnstone student, she was able to transition into her dream career of full-time professional artist and illustrator.  Her diverse medium experience (illustration, pen/ink, digital, watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache) has made her an effective teacher at festivals and art society sponsored events everywhere she’s lived, including the US, Germany, and Canada.  She has also conducted private art sessions for students desiring to learn a variety of techniques and styles.

Sarah is eager to share what she considers three key things she learned from Myron: how to draw, how to observe, and how to simplify.

“My experience with the Barnstone method changed my ability to be an artist so dramatically,” Sarah said, “that anything I can do to help other aspiring artists gain this knowledge is a great opportunity and responsibility.”

“I am an enthusiastic teacher, and can observe and adapt quickly to an individual’s needs while explaining and demonstrating concepts in a variety of ways.”

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